Holy Week Schedule


extreme-humility1We are once again approaching passion week in order to commemorate the selfless acts of our Savior Jesus Christ. Throughout this Lenten period we have all strived to abstain from sin and follow the  footsteps of our Lord. God sent his one and only son to the world to die on the cross so that we, sinners maybe saved. During this time, we must all prepare for the resurrection of our Lord in reverence and serenity so that we may be ready for this awe-inspiring day. Hopefully through this lent, we have all taken a step towards God and his kingdom to come and I wish you all a blessed and happy Easter.


Your shepherd in Christ.


Fr.Rajesh K John.



Holy Week schedule.

03-26-2015  Thursday. 6:30 pm Holy Qurbana.

03-27-2015  Friday. 6:30 pm. Evening prayer

03-28-2015  Saturday. 8:30 am Holy Qurbana. Followed by retreat and confession.

                  6:30 pm Evening prayer.

03-29-2015  Sunday 8:00 am morning prayer followed by Hosanna service.

                  6:30 pm evening prayer.

03-30-2015  Monday. 6:30 pm evening prayer.

03-31-2015  Tuesday. 6:30 pm evening prayer.

04-01-2015  Wednesday 6:30 pm evening prayer followed by Pesaha service.

04-02-2015  Thursday. 6:30 pm evening prayer.

04-03-2015  Friday. 8:00 am Good Friday Service.

6:30. Pm evening prayer and followed by vigil.

04-04-2015  Saturday. 10:00 am morning prayer followed by Holy Qurbana.

6:30. Pm. Evening prayer.

04-05-2015  Sunday. 5:00 am. Easter service followed by Holy Qurbana.